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Tips for travelling with golf clubs?

Are you planning on playing golf with your favourite golf clubs? Yes! Well we have a few tips on keeping your clubs and equipment safe and in good nick whilst travelling.



The only way to travel with your golf clubs is with a quality golf club travel bag.

Which type? Hard or Soft style?

Hard Type. The rule of thumb is always the harder the better. Hard travel cases offer the best form of protection for your golf clubs with the hard-solid exterior offset with the softer padding of the interior to better protect your favourite golf clubs. This cost of this style of travel bag usually beings at $150.00 to $500.00. This is the best type for overseas air travel with the baggage handlers who are unlikely to care too​ much about your golfing equipment.

Soft Type. The soft travel bags are cheaper, with the flexible reinforced fabric padded sides offering good protection while in transit, but not as good as the hard travel bags. The cost of this style of travel bag usually beings at $45.00 to $150.00. This style is most suited to road travel or domestic air travel.

Size of Travel Bag

The first thing to do is measure the diameter of your golf bag? Your golf travel bag must have a diameter larger than your golf bag! Also, measure the height of your longer putter and/or driver should you have one? You will need to make sure that your travel bag will fit your golf clubs!



Now with your travel bag sorted here are a few simple tips to keep your clubs in good order!

Inside the golf bag:

Head covers for the woods.
Iron covers for the irons.
Stuff some clothing or golf towels between the golf clubs to reduce any movement of the clubs while in transit.

Outside the golf bag:

Label your travel bag clearly with your name & address this will ensure that your travel bag can be identified.
Double check your Airlines specific travel requirements for golf clubs. This can vary greatly between airlines.



Declaring any residue grass and dirt left on your golf gear and shoes. This is important to consider mainly when travelling Overseas.

This would be a good travel practice when travelling with your golf clubs within Australia or Overseas.


Some practical cleaning tips using simple household cleaning products:

  • Soak irons (do not submerge the club ferrules) in warm soapy water made with a mild dishwashing detergent for a few minutes. Not too hot a water as this can affect the ferrule on your golf club.
  • Use a toothbrush to thoroughly clean out the grooves on each club face. Never use a wire brush!
  • Dip your metal woods quickly into the soapy water and clean n dry with a moist towel.
  • Gather some soap suds with a cloth and rub into the grips of the golf club. Run some water over the grips to remove any soap residue try not to get any water over the golf club shafts.
  • Clean the dirt from your golf shoe spikes and sole of the shoe.
  • Rub a damp cloth over the golf club shafts.
  • Remove any residue grass stains from your golf bag. Soapy water will be fine for this task.
  • Soak any golf tees and golf balls in soapy water to remove any residue grass and dirt.

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