Albatross NQ Golf Tours



What time do we tee off for golf?

Depends on your preferred tee off time? We recommend 8.30am tee off.

When do we pay?

Deposit at booking confirmation. Balance 7 days prior to departure.

Is accommodation included?

No! Prefer you arrange your own.

Are airport transfers included?

No! Accommodation will arrange this? We can arrange if required?

Are meals included?

No! Light lunch only

Can I bring my own golf clubs?

Yes! Check with your airline! Hire golf clubs are available at extra cost.

Do we travel insurance?

Up to you? This would be a good idea!

What temperature is expected?

Autumn/Winter 10 to 25 degrees centigrade with Low Humidity.
Spring/Summer 22 to 33 degrees centigrade with High Humidity.

What is golfing etiquette?

  • Call through faster groups.
  • Rake bunkers after use.
  • Replace & Sand Divots
  • Restore plug marks on greens.
  • Be considerate of others on the course.
  • Each player must have a set of golf clubs.
  • Neat Clean Attire.

What is the dress code?

Men – Dress shorts/Long Pants, Shirt with collars, Covered in footwear with socks.
Women – Skirts/Dress shorts/Slacks, Shirt with collars, Covered in footwear with socks.

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Our Mission

All golf packages include Local, Regional & Championship golf courses all designed to ensure your golfing experience is enjoyable. We vary the golf courses within the packages to ensure the varied slope rating & local conditions enhance your golfing experience.